Sede de la Comarca del Matarraña – Matarranya Region Headquarters

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Public building

Location: C/ Cortes de Aragon. Valderrobres (Teruel)

The headquarters of the Matarranya region were located in a building originally destined to hold three homes. In order to extend their offices, an area of eight by twenty six metres was available next to their building.
The image offered by the original building was not representative of its function. Moreover, new responsibilities in the near future implied the need of more room to hold them.

The final expansion of the building takes into account all these needs:
- Integration with existing premises
- Offering a contemporary image
- Reflecting a “public building” image

Comarca RENDER

The façade of the original building was finished in clay rustic brick, with curved balconies. The new building takes a step back from the street line and adopts a curved geometry in its lower part. The top floor is aligned with the rest of the buildings and it is finished in stone tiles, creating a very defined volume. The openings follow a regular pattern and have a vertical component.

Final de obra Comarca Salón de actos Oficinas Vista nocturna

The interior space is organized as follows:
- The lower level holds the new meeting room, with an elevated stage, stalls and media room.
- The next two levels hold open flexible office areas, capable of being easily rearranged with two private offices in each level.
- The top level houses the official archive

To avoid the interference of pillars which could reduce space flexibility, conventional structure systems have been avoided in favour of precast concrete, that allows for greater spans. The original meeting room had pillars that impeded direct vision of the stage and a new open space was badly needed.

Building process:

Solar sin edificar Fase de estructura Cerramiento exterior

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