Edificio industrial – Industrial building

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Fuego en la noche - Nightfire

The building is conceived as a call. The fire is perceived, summons, welcomes and protects. Entrepeneurs with their initiative are the endless supply of energy ready  to rise a flame.


The building wants to become that symbol. The image is a suggestion of the stockpiles of wood bound with metal hoops. Between the logs light is perceived, squinting the colours of natural fire: red, orange and yellow.

Madera flejada - Bound logsConcepto - ConceptConcepto - Concept


The planned building work is both fast and easy, using standard modular systems. The building has a compact shape. This way we can obtain a good volume to surface ratio.

Alzado este - East elevationAlzado oeste - West elevation

Final image

Exterior 01Exterior 02Exterior 03Exterior 04

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